The Grass Is Sometimes Greener…When It’s Raw That Is

Every now and then, I find myself where I didn’t intend to be, but recognize as a good thing. For the record, I’m not vegan, I’m not even pseudo vegan. I like meat. I like lots of meat. I have no intention of giving up meat. Been thegrassrootsre, done that, bought the t-shirt. It didn’t fit.

But a place like Grassroots could change that.

If all I had to live on was the raw juice Dan lovingly presses, I’d happily go to healthfood heaven. Take the Rawsome Awesome for example, a delightful blend of carrot, kale, ginger, and stuff I can’t even remember, blended together into an orangey slurry of deliciousness. One sip, and the diet Coke in my car was quickly forgotten.

And then, there are the wraps and the soup. Oh, the soup. For shame Daniel, to make such a vicery of soup man! This little shop of naked fruits and veggies could easily steal your heart away from sugary beverages and the early afternoon soda binge. Unassuming from the entrance, you could easily drive past. But don’t! Located across from Hy-Vee on Oakland Drive this is one little bar you’ll want to hang out at again and again.


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